Looking To Get A Good ROI? Consider Improvement That Help SELL The House

When it comes to rehabbing a property, home remodeling agencies, investors, realtors, and homeowners all alike understand the need to make repairs.  One of the first steps on a home rehab is to take out our graphs, cameras, and measuring tools and do a general assessment of the property. What needs to be fixed and … Read more

What To Expect During The Duration Of A Property Rehab

When a property needs to be rehabbed, and you are looking to find the right home remodeling company, what should you expect?  First and foremost, any home remodeling agency must understand the specific stages that occur when a home rehab takes place: ·         Initial Cleanup:  All damaged items must be taken out of the property, … Read more

Remodeling For Realtor Clients

Are you looking for a renovation return on investment?  Interesting in flipping a house for a profit? We have been in the industry for quite some time, so not only do we know what it takes to rehab a property from the ground up, but we also understand industry trends. Thus, the questions above no … Read more

The Proper Way to Re-Sheath A Flood House

Did you know March and April tend to be the wettest months in Texas?  This coupled with the fact that hurricane season is less than two months away – there’s a lot of potential for flooded property. While we may not have the devastation that we saw with Hurricane Harvey in Houston, it is still … Read more

When You Hire The Wrong Person For the Job, We Can Make It Right

So, you have conquered your fears, stepped out and bought your 1st investment property. You are so excited to learn the process, tackle the challenge and experience the adventure of turning something ugly into something beautiful. The feeling of hope you get being a part of rebuilding something is exciting! You get to breathe new … Read more

What Questions Should You Ask A Contractor?

When you do a Google Search for a house flipping company or pursue a flipping houses blog, you are going to come across a number of property rehab companies.  They are going to make you promises of how well they will get a rehab done and their rehab estimator will most likely seem too good … Read more

Home Rehab Gone Wrong – Before & After

Property Rehab Before and After A home is an investment. Period.  So, when you are getting ready to flip a house, or invest in a property for the long term, you want to make sure that a rehab is done right. Too often, we come across real estate investors that hire a contractor that makes … Read more