Who is Fast Track Remodeling?

We can replace it with Fast Track Remodeling, LLC of Houston was started in 2010 and is owned by Elijah Randall.

Since its inception, Fast Track has remodeled over 2,000+ houses in the Houston area.

Fast Track uses their own work crews, as well as dependable quality sub-contractors to provide exceptional service and quality for the cost of the project.

The client is provided with an itemized and detailed proposal of the scope of work necessary to put the investor’s property into shape to either sell or rent for maximum profitability.

Our liability insurance certificate is provided to all clients along with copies of their proposal and a contract outlining the responsibilities of both parties.

Fast Track Remodeling is proud of its reputation to get the job done correctly and as price conscience as possible for the benefit of our clients

Elijah Randall


General Contractor, Real Estate Investor, Life Coach and Philanthropist.

For years Elijah has committed himself to educating real estate investors with analyzing and estimating thousands of projects.

He has rehabbed hundreds of properties with Fast Track Remodeling. He confesses that walking by faith and solid principals are what have gotten him this far. He admits he most likely would not have made it, if he had not learned to become a fan of himself and his future.

Elijah Randall, CEO of Fast Track Remodeling