Home Rehab Gone Wrong – Before & After

Property Rehab Before and After

A home is an investment. Period.  So, when you are getting ready to flip a house, or invest in a property for the long term, you want to make sure that a rehab is done right. Too often, we come across real estate investors that hire a contractor that makes a lot of empty promises and then doesn’t deliver.

If a deal sounds too good to be true, whether based on estimated time of completion or the amount of resources it would take, then most likely it is!

We recently worked on a property that was meant to be a fix and flip; an easy investment that would later turn a profit.  However, the contractor that was hired not only did a poor job, but they also had a significant amount of errors that would be problematic in the long run.

Whether you are looking for house flipping companies, or you come across a house flipping blog, you will come across a lot of contractors for homes. They are going to make promises, but too often they cannot deliver on what they say they will.

Fast Track Remodeling gets the job done, and gets the job done right.  Watch the videos below to see how well we did with a previously rehabbed home.