Let’s Talk About Contracting

Contractors play a significant part in rehabbing a property; from construction to noting any discrepancies that might exist. However, even if a contractor is well-meaning, oftentimes problems can occur or the contractor does not enact on a specific plan. Fast Track has a streamlined system in place that not only offers the highest quality of … Read more

Does Anything Stand Out of the Ordinary?

When Rehabbing a property, it is suggested that you do a complete walk through to note anything that needs work. Consider what might stand out of the ordinary, or are there immediate flags that need to be addressed? For example, niceties, additional add-ons that are not necessary, but can add value, such as mosaic tile … Read more

What Your Rehab Should Look Like After One Week

Are You Currently Stuck in a Rehab? After about a week, your rehab should have the following elements finished: Demo should be done Electric, plumbing, and AC should begin so that inspections to take place Rooms should be framed out By ensuring that these elements are complete, you can make sure that you are on … Read more

3 Important Tips To Remember When Rehabbing a Property

At Fast Track Remodeling, we believe in three core tenants: People: The people that you work with must know their craft and be highly skillful; they must be the best at what they do. Processes: How to conduct processes in a way that can replicated over and over again; from ordering estimates to getting materials. … Read more

Previous Rehab: What to Look Out For

When investing, there are times when you come across a property that has already been rehabbed, but additional work must be done or previous work must be corrected. We take you through one such property and point out what to look out for; from remapping a garage conversion to looking at wiring issues. Learn more … Read more

Flood House: What to Watch Out For

There is a great deal of work to be done when a house gets flooded. When walking through a flooded property, there is a lot to watch out for; from structural support, such as columns and beams, as well as ceiling and wall damage. Watch the video below to learn more:

Is It Possible to Invest in Real Estate Without Visiting the Property?

Real estate investment can be extremely time consuming, especially if you use real estate ventures as a way to supplement your income. Thus, visiting the property and making key decisions can feel like a time and energy drain. This is why it is extremely important to have the right team. Having the right support system … Read more

Why Accurate Rehab Quotes Are Valuable

Why Accurate Rehab Quotes Are Valuable  By Peary Perry, CFO – Fast Track Remodeling, LLC   Someone brings you a deal. A friend’s relative died or somebody from work has a house to sell. You look it over and BAM….you think that if you can get the repairs needed completed within your budget you will … Read more

10 Day Rehab Property Walkthrough

We break down what to look out for when rehabbing a project; from beam installation to relocation of the AC. Fast Track Remodeling offers the perfect solution for your real estate rehab needs.

Finished Property Rehab Walkthrough

After about 27 days, this house displays a world of difference! Rehabbing consisted of putting in a LBT, cutting back granite, and more!