Why Accurate Rehab Quotes Are Valuable

Why Accurate Rehab Quotes Are Valuable  By Peary Perry, CFO – Fast Track Remodeling, LLC   Someone brings you a deal. A friend’s relative died or somebody from work has a house to sell. You look it over and BAM….you think that if you can get the repairs needed completed within your budget you will … Read more

Time on The Job: What does it Mean?

Ok, so you have taken your hard earned money and bought yourself an investment property. You are intending to either do one or two things with your purchase. You intend to fix it up and put it into rentable condition…

Why the need for a contract?

Contracts are in your best interest As a remodeling investor, you’re often in a hurry to make decisions. You care about what goes into readying your investment property for lease or sale, but time is money. No one wants to fuss over what every dollar is going to be used for to complete your project. … Read more