What To Expect During The Duration Of A Property Rehab

When a property needs to be rehabbed, and you are looking to find the right home remodeling company, what should you expect?  First and foremost, any home remodeling agency must understand the specific stages that occur when a home rehab takes place:

·         Initial Cleanup:  All damaged items must be taken out of the property, including trash, floors, toilets, and any other items necessary.

·         Foundation Work: The skeleton of the house will be constructed, which will include stealing space in some rooms to make others larger, re-configuring the floor plan and so forth.

·         HVAC, plumbing, and electricity: Inspectors will ensure all installations are done right and the house is up to code.

·         Insulation: All writing, ducting, piping, and so forth will be completed.

·         Finishing Trim, Paint, and Superficial Features: The home rehab is in its last stages and the job is now being finalized.

Home rehabs take a considerable amount of work and if you’re an investor, this can mean additional stresses.  That’s why home remodeling agencies like Fast Track Remodeling exists.  By understanding the process, and refining it over the years, we can help you stop the headaches and put you on the pathway to a great ROI.

Watch the video below to see the beginning stages of a home rehab:

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